Sunday, August 21, 2011

danke mein deutsche freunde

entschuldigang aber mein deutsche ist nicht so gut mehr. ich habe es nicht spraken oder shriben im lange zeit.

so if you can make out my terrible german and make sense of it thank you, if not translate this and have my thanks through it. i get a ton of hits from german ip's and i threw out a thank you in english but left you guys out. so i figured i'd try to knock the rust off my german and give it a shot. no translators because they always screw up the structure of the sentences and obviously i can't remember the proper sexes of words but i figured i'd give it a shot and thank you guys a lot! there are several days of the week that german ip's beat out american ip's for hits so thank you very much! if you have anything you guys wanna see up here or have anything you wanna contribute my email is to the right and i look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to drop me a line.

vedersehn \m/

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