Friday, December 9, 2011

workin stiff

hey i just wanted to update you guys real fast, i got my job back at the design factory(3d mechanical design part of a mechanical contractor i was workin for) but this doesn't mean we can't be friends still. my time will just be like our wedlock child that we split up like a possession after we split up. i'll get the week days because i'm more responsible than you guys and you can have me on the weekends and maybe some nights. the courts said to be civil so i wont tell you how much i hate you guys and how much my new life thinks you're an idiot and we talk about how much of a good guy you are all the time but how you're an irresponsible drug addict and we shouldn't trust you and that's why we split up in the first place. lol, oh where was i, oh, but i do have presents that i'll give you guys like a child in a broken home gets to win your love, actually got some loaded up now just need to post them. alright, i actually really appreciate all the traffic and support you guys throw my way. hit up my email if you've got anything for me. thanks in advance!


mr mcmayhem, and his time which has become both our redheaded step child.

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