Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Skunk ~ Heavy Rock From Elder Times

So I was introduced to Skunk via my buddy who if i recall correctly painted them as 'totally bon scott worship', which was correct. However I cannot take anything away from the Oakland Ca. based group. They are making their own way with their 2015 ep release which is a solid, well rounded doom/stoner/rock n fuckin-roll pile driver.

Its especially interesting to listen to the crafting of the lyrical choices, 'never been to the dark side of the moon, never smoked atop a giant magic shroom', if this gets your pickle a twitchin then check them out. The guitar tones are also quite 'classic' in nature, you can expect some of the typical guitar parlor tricks but all the while those amps are growling like a pack of wild dogs. If these gents come close i'd certainly check them out. So if you live close to them and get the chance you should certainly get to a show and pick up some merch so these guys can make another record.

Dig the whole album, favorite tracks definitely Forrest Nymph and Wizard Bong.

Skunk Bandcamp

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