Sunday, September 11, 2011

Iron Maiden

ok so this post is going to be a little different. there are several great maiden albums and since i tracked down a site that already has them up on mediafire i'm just going to recommend some and then put their link in this post so if one of your favs isn't in my recommendations we're all set and good to go. this site i'm going to throw out has them all with track listings. its a good one to book mark for future reference.

so there are a shit ton of die hard maiden fans around the world, literally in every corner. i dig their music for sure, but i cannot claim to be one of those guys that can sing every song and knows all the tracks on the albums and all of the band members favorite soccer teams and hobbies and what not. i can name them all and know some interesting facts and like i stated above, do dig a lot of their music. maiden has a unique style that really hasn't changed to sell records or please anyone. they know they have loving fans and they aim to please those fans, not be lady mother lovin gaga. which if you dig her, whatever, its your thing, not mine. to each their own.

so here are some great albums that i think everyone should have a copy of. there are some track repeats, sorry i didn't compose them, send all complaints to steve harris of iron maiden and i'm sure he'll get right back to ya.

as always, support all the bands i post here as much as you can, dig their music and go see them, they'll love you forever because there's nothing like being on stage and seeing a place packed to the gills just to see your dumb face do something all humans can if they try, so it is really appreciated i promise you that. or buy a shirt. or whatever. do what you can.

also if you want a best of recommendation, i'd say 'somwhere back in time' is a great 80's look at maiden, although it lacks some of my favorites, so if you want a double disc with the essentials, check out the 'best of the beast' it'll get your toes tappin!

one final thing, they have this great documentary called 'flight 666' catch it ondemand or on tv or whatever. hey maybe go buy it! there ya go. it will please the most fair weather maiden fans for sure!

enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

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