Thursday, September 1, 2011

SpartaKiev (self titled ep)

picked up this offering from some stoner rockers outta amsterdam from the sludgelord. this four piece knows how to get the riffage out there for sure! they use hard driving guitars and strong vox in the same vein as kyuss and fu manchu, so definitely give them a listen. i've posted the bandcamp link for the download below. the album is pay what you want so if you want to contribute some fundage to these guys search them out on bandcamp and throw them a couple euros for their work. if not, again, the link's below. so like it says, grab your shovels cause you're gonna dig this shit!

little help? anyone else notice that this link was dead. apparently not. so i rebuilt it, better faster stronger. it now goes to a mediafire link rather than a dead bandcamp download.

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