Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Criticizing, Saying Fuck You & the Difference.....

Hi, how are you. There are so many times, especially recently, I would have enjoyed reviewing an album that just came out from a band I'm into or want to get into and then it falls short and I feel as if it wouldn't be very polite in a way to say 'hey this is weak and I wasn't into this due to my personal stylistic choices.' However, I don't think this is fair because at the end of the day when the egos are tucked in bed everyone wants to know how they're doing in whatever it is they do.

Essentially I dont want to tell people they suck wantonly, exactly the opposite, I want to tell them how rad they are, but if I can offer insight why not do it? If I don't care for the vocal styling of a band then so be it from hear on out. Its my opinion really, why the hell would anyone truly care. Its all notes for future endeavors. 

I'm far from a journalist, just some rock n roller who puts words on the internets. So when I read some tips on art criticism I really got a laugh outta one that said 'Criticizing someone's art is like criticizing someone's children'. Now trust me, I do that all the time, some people have no business guiding another human through life, but it happens. Just like how art is produced sometimes spontaneously and I'll hear grinding wonderful tone and someone else would hear straight up noise. 

So where am I driving with this? Well, with all the lists that came out this year I noticed several of the same bands in these lists and while several great bands put out albums this year after either a time period of silence or maybe it was their first effort but its important to remember that it shouldn't be taken as mosses coming down with chiseled tablets. Some of the efforts this year came in way sub standard for the musicians that produced them. Some were mind blowing, others were above average for the typical from the respective outfits, but lets not get wrapped up in what people have previously produced. Lets keep site of the fact that even the classical composers had stinkers by the truck load and weren't appreciated by all. We shouldn't be too quick to say something is a masterpiece for the ages if its alright at best.

The silver lining to this whole thing is that you never know what the end user will do with the tunes you make and really that's the hope all musicians carry I think. Its they carrying on of a human tradition not the production and pay off from that tradition that matters. I'll always commend my friends and other musicians for their efforts and talents, but lets agree that the sun does not shine out of everyone's asshole that makes a record as it certainly doesn't shine out of mine, as far as I know.

With that I hope you all have a great and safe holiday season, remember to keep your mind open man, pull in all the experience of being a human that can enjoy music in all its facets for better or worse.

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