Monday, December 7, 2015

Wizard Eye ~ S/T 2015

Its tough sometimes being objective when it comes to your friend's band. Sometimes you're truly into it and think lead based riffs just flow from their fingers, get it, cause lead is a heavy metal, and some you appreciate them as your friend and dig that they express their art, because why not.

Let me make myself very clear, this album is the lead based type, the, 'we fucks you up with our riffs man' kind of record.

The opening track launches you into the wizard sphere where at any moment from the nefarious depths of the layering and churning riffs you could be strangled to death by the singer/guitar players 6ft dreads. Its also a very real possibility you'll just get lost in the masterfully mesmerizing bass lines and just fall off the edge of space time, its hard to say. But don't worry about that right now, the sweet tones and constant forward driving momentum construct a vehicle that your brain will have no choice but to buy a ticket and take the ride, you don't need to do much, just sit back and the album will take control of your body movements, from toe tapping to uncontrollable head nodding, its going to happen, just let go.

So I dig this album, I think we've adequately painted this picture. Since I've had the pleasure to witness these tunes live several times, let me tell you, Its one hell of a show. All three of the wizard boys know where that groove is, always. Moreover these guys know what heavy rock and roll is and you should know who Wizard Eye are. Check out their latest offering the S/T as well as their previous record orbital rites, dig that one too! These philly based fellas have also provided you people with a live album which displays just how surgical and professional this band is, as well as depicting what someone says when they say 'oh those guys are heavy as fuck live'.

Check out their stuff, if you're in the philly area I have no idea why you wouldn't have these guys under your live belt but be sure to catch them. Like them on Facespace and direct your browser to the Wizard Eye Bandcamp for this and other offerings. Take a shovel cause you'll dig the fuck outta this.

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