Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shock Radar - Generator EP

so i have to apologize to Lee from Shock Radar for taking forever and a day to post his band's stuff. he was good enough to send me an email so i gave them a listen and i think its pretty groovis stuff. you get hit with like vox that are make you think chris cornell jumped on the track and then some of the vox reminds me of the singer of the french stoner band mars red sky while all the time being hit with great drums and guitars that just keep driving the music along. great job guys. check them out on bandcamp and throw them a few sheckels, or go see them and grab my link below that.


  1. Hey man, Thanks for the shout out! Everyone tells me I sing like a french stoner! haha

  2. Well I think it's jammin man so keep up the good work!