Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuco Ramirez 2 track tuesday

so i think they found this somewhere, not really 'official' album art as far as i can tell but hey whatever, its on their bandcamp site so dig it i guess.

so these guys are pretty jammin. one of the guitarists actually played in a band called curse the son which i had previously reviewed on this blog. check out that offering (link in the name). but these guys are a little different. check them out. i think they're pretty jammin. you can download both tracks they have posted on bandcamp. (because i'm too lazy to do it for you)


  1. hey! thanks for the words(only took us a year to find this!) we are still slugging away in preparation for our official debut record. to be engineered and produced by Tim narducci of systematic/ spiralarms fame. stay tuned!

    1. Rick here, Tuco's Basic Tracks for 9 songs are done and sound amazing... I will be laying down vocal tracks in early June. One of the high points through the recording process for me is being able to work with Tim. He's got a great ear and is the master at turning knobs and sliding faders. I can wait to hear how it sounds when it's all done. Please Stand By !

    2. Errrrr! What I meant to say was " I CAN'T wait to hear how it sounds when it's all done."