Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stubb - Stubb

so this was a band that my good buddy the rewster sent my way. Stubb is a band from the UK on Superhot Records. this band knows how to throw down some serious fuzz-tastic-awesomeness! i listen to lots of music on almost a daily basis, and this band was one of the first in a long while that really blew my hair back. these guy's have figured out the great formula, and best of all this album is available on bandcamp, as a name your price album. so i'll put the link for the bandcamp, which you could throw them some bones if you can afford it. i'm also going to include a link to my mediafire account so you can grab it from there as well. either way grab your shovels because i promise you're going to dig it!!!!!! again if you can help these guys and all the bands on this blog please do so, especially if you can see them live, because who doesn't love a good live show!? alright enjoy and stay tuned for more stuff from the rewster that'll be up shortly. and header art will be changed out shortly as well. or when i get around to it.

thanks kids.

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