Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mustach - Latest Version of the Truth

a great slab from the hard rockin stoners from gothenburg sweden. definitely check out this disk as well as other offerings from mustach. my friend and i have a rule that goes 'if its a stoner band from sweden it'll rock your face off' and mustach definitely played a key part in making that rule. these guys will not disappoint.

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The Sword - Warp Riders

definitely pick up this awesome record by the great american stoner band the sword. the sword have been around for some time but this is definitely their strongest effort in a long while. the title track as well as the track night side are fantastic!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grand Magus - Grand Magus

this self titled slab from the great grand magus is a killer one indeed. to quote the late great 'g.o.m.e.' "...prepare to be blown away"," of the GREATEST post-kyuss albums in the genre." if you dig fireball ministry you'll like grand magus as well. they're pretty similar in style. either way check them out. expand your collection and your horizons!

Fireball Ministry - Second Great Awakening

here's an awesome offering from an awesome band! especially since their one guitarist emily burton is one of the most gorgeous women in metal, which is tough to find. but anyway this album is from 2002 and is a great addition to anyone's collection. the track 'king' is what i believe to be the song that everyone's heard from fireball ministry but never knew it was them. it must have been on a video game or something like that because i know its been around for sure. check out the entire album, its all good.

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The Black Keys - Thickfreakness

so you've most likely heard these guys lately as they're music has been featured in several commercials and in fact they had a 'commercial whore war' of sorts on the colbert report with some other band that i honestly didn't give a crap about because they were no where near as good as the black keys. but anyway check out this one from the keys, in my opinion its their best but that's just my opinion. either way its a great album.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Walls of Jericho - With Devils Amongst Us All

here's one for ya that leans a little more on the hardcore side. but is still a great album for sure. wanna thank my wife for reminding me of this band. i some how forgot about it and then it came up in conversation and i proceeded to rave about how attractive the singer candice is. google the band and you'll see what i mean. enjoy

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ChilliHounds - The Album

this ones been out for a little while but still deserves a couple spins for sure because its a great album by another swedish stoner band. again, it seems that sweden's number one export is awesome stoner rock! definitely check these guys out, this is one of my favorite slabs for sure!

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Nebula - To the Center

here's a stoner-tastic/psychadelic treat for ya. this band is made up of dudes that have some real chops. in the bands history they've had members that have been in legendary bands such as kyuss, mondo generator and fu manchu just to throw out a short list. so definitely give these guys a listen.

Dozer - In the tail of a comet

these guys are definitely one of my favorite stoner bands of all time. they have a couple other slabs that are great as well but i figured i'd start ya off with this one just in case it was your first time with these guys. check out tracks like super soul, light years ahead, speeder and riding the machine. all great tunes indeed. i'll post other offerings by them shortly.

ps if you're interested in their other albums check out through the eyes of heathens, madre de dios, call it conspiracy and beyond colossal.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bolt Thrower - War Master

moldy oldie but its still some great death metal. and who doesn't think jo bench is hot? (jo bench is a chick btw who plays guitar for bolt thrower) if you're into cannibal corpse you'll dig these guys, vox aren't as low as chris barnes but neither are corpse grinder's and people still dig his shit. anyway check these guys out if you've never you'll get some diggadge outta them no doubt.

Its Ska-tastic or somethin like that

again a little off topic but hey this is about wading through the bullshit for you guys. which i dont mind doing because sometimes you come across something different and good. Ballyhoo! is yet again another band of local boys that impressed me. if you're into ska/punk kinda stuff you'll like these guys. i was diggin on them pretty quick. so check out their reverbnation (link below) and i left a little somethin for you guys with this post as well. enjoy.

feel the love <----- ballyhoo!'s album 365-day weekend

cheers <---- ballyhoo!'s album cheers

Charm City Saints - Reverbnation

so i ran across these local boys on reverbnation while puruzing the local chart and i have to say they aren't in the same vein as stoner/doom/sludge but they are in the same style of like drop kick or flogging molly so check them out and i'll see about adding a link to some tunage you can download.

ps they're playing in harrisburg sept 16 and frederick md oct 15 and i'm gonna check them out at one of those gigs so i'll fill ya in on how that goes. but give them a listen. i was diggin on their energy.

check em out

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Atomic Bitchwax double feature sunday afternoon

so i couldn't decide on which album i liked more, although there are other offerings from this three piece outta jersey these two albums are definitely great pick ups for anyone looking to expand their doom/stoner collection. check them out for sure, especially 'so come on' from boxriff and 'shit kicker' on their self titled.

Sucking the 70's - Comp

here's a great comp of a bunch of more late model stoner bands doing covers of tunage from the 70's. enjoy.

Goatsnake - Vol.1 + Dog Days

have another helping of something scott reeder has touched. goatsnake are a great stoner/'southern rock' band. a couple of the members actually played in a band called scream with dave grohl and one of the stahl brothers played in the foo fighters for a little while. but dont be confused this isn't some 'alternative' slab for sure. its got some hot hot hot, 'damn i burned myself', cuts that'll have you groovin. check it out. its a toe tapper for sure.

Fu Manchu - Signs of Infinite Power

this album from fu manchu is pretty sweet if you ask me. it has some real diesel tracks and is basically a throw it on and forget about it record, just let the groovesness sink into ya as mr reeder and mr davis take you on a little trip with them into some so cal stoner.

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Pentagram - First Daze Here

here's a great addition to anyone's stoner catalogue. think of these guys as an american version of sabbath, but with their own style. this is probably the best assemblance of their finest works available. so definitely check these guys out worth a couple spins for sure.

Buffalo - Volcanic Rock

another one of my favorite bands. the track 'freedom' especially is good for when you're really in a 'stoner' groove. so check these guys out. this particular album is from 1972, they're kinda like an australian sabbath but may be a little heavier at times. definitely one of the grand fathers of what we'd think of as stoner rock today. and probably an influence on drone as well.

ps i was told by a good friend of mine that the album art to this, the one posted above, got them booted from their label.

dig it!

Red Fang - Murder the Mountains

the latest slab from red fang. the track 'wires' is incredible and the video is fantastic as well so definitely check these guys out because the entire album is worth a listen and the video for wires is incredible!

ps check out what the bills have written on them in the beginning when the band gets a check from relapse records.

Stone Axe - Stone Axe

so these guys are definitely one of my favorite bands of all time! stone axe are out of port orchard, washington. so if you're in their area you're really fortunate and should go check them out because they dont get out to us east coast losers too often and are such a fantastic band! check out other bands such as moss generator and sabbath.

Gentlemans Pistols - At Her Majesty's Pleasure

ok so i wanted to post this before i forgot, although i'm not sure how i could forget these guys! so many great cuts from this slab it'll make your head spin! its basically your standard stoner but these guys from gentleman's pistol's really know how to polish up the sound and make it their own. just all around great tunage for sure! check these guys out most definitely!

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Karma to Burn - V

So this is the latest from the great Karma to Burn. I've listened to the album all the way through and have to say its pretty good indeed. If you're into 'stoner,doom,sludge' then you'll dig this. Although most of it is just instrumental, as is the vein that Karma to Burn runs in. If you're looking at this and thinking "awesome! i was hoping something new would come out from them!" Then you know what to expect. If not then take a listen, you'll most likely dig it.

ps. if nothing else you'll dig the album art, pretty gnarly if you ask me.

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Crowbar - Odd Fellows Rest

so i figured we'd start out this thing right. with a slab that everyone should have in their arsenal. crowbar's odd fellows rest is a fantastic album from start to finish.