Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Concrete Sun - Sky is High

all i have to say is these serbs have figured it out. this is a five piece that has the 'NOLA' style of stoner/sludge down to a science and they rock the fuck out. get a copy of this album for sure, it's sure to please.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Rogue House - Intergalactic Mangle

so rogue house is out of philly, and they're pretty damn good if you ask me! i'm local relatively to these guys so i'll try to catch them live and let you guys know how they are live. but if they're like this slab, they're jammin! lets just say they know riffage!

Romero - Solitaire 7" + 1

found these guys while checkin out stonerobixxx. these guys are mega jammin for sure! get your hand on a diginal copy and if you really are into vinyl get your hands on one of the 500 pressings they're making. and even better go see these guys live if you're in the Wausau Wisconsin area!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

danke mein deutsche freunde

entschuldigang aber mein deutsche ist nicht so gut mehr. ich habe es nicht spraken oder shriben im lange zeit.

so if you can make out my terrible german and make sense of it thank you, if not translate this and have my thanks through it. i get a ton of hits from german ip's and i threw out a thank you in english but left you guys out. so i figured i'd try to knock the rust off my german and give it a shot. no translators because they always screw up the structure of the sentences and obviously i can't remember the proper sexes of words but i figured i'd give it a shot and thank you guys a lot! there are several days of the week that german ip's beat out american ip's for hits so thank you very much! if you have anything you guys wanna see up here or have anything you wanna contribute my email is to the right and i look forward to hearing from anyone that wants to drop me a line.

vedersehn \m/

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Maligno - The Funeral Domine

got this one sent straight from the rewster and i have to say he hasn't suggested much lately but when he does, damn he's spot on! besides loving the cover art, because who doesn't love hot chicks on their stoner album covers, before i even listened to this album i was in store for something good. and man was i right! so definitely get yourself a copy of this slab! with their hard driving guitars and heavy riffage Maligno mix up a great helping of stonertastic lovin!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Deputy - Need a Lift ? (EP)

these guys reminded me of the awesomeness that is 500 ft of pipe! all of their songs seem to be about cars and i think they converted a 70's muscle car into a weed powered time machine and brought their band awesome sound here to our time for our enjoyment! so definitely check these guys out!

Thousand Codes - A Word for Horus

dig on this 4 track goodness! also, pat yourselves on the back 1000 codes, because you're one of the first and i think the first french stoner band to be posted on this blog and to win my liking. please instruct the rest of your countrymen how to play proper stoner rock. thank, management.

dig it!!!

Iron Heel - Black Shovel

explore some heavinesses with iron heel! these guys know how to jam it out for sure! just read their song titles and you know these guys know some serious stone groves! so check them out and as with all the bands i post here, think about throwing them some green (of whatever sort) and definitely go out and support them in the live scenes out there! they got shitty day jobs i'm sure they'd love to quit, just like most of us!

dig this groovisness!

Planet of Zues - Macho Libre

these guys came from the sludgelord, again a good pick. and i'm inclined to agree. the track 'dawn of the dead' is pretty awesome if you want a specific offering that jams out mega hard and groovisly. so check these guys out for sure, you wont be disappointed! kinda sounds like pantera at their peak and also with zach wylde on guitar, and ass kickin music.

dig it!!!

Buckaduzz - The Big Show (EP)

i found these guys through another blog, i can't remember their name right now but i'll post it when i get it cause i'm in a hurry right now. these guys are pretty diesel! check em out!

check em out

several days dry

its not that i've been slacking. its that nothing very good has come across my transom and i'm waiting on some material from a few sources. stay tuned.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dödaren - Flyttar

i ran across these guys thanks to the sludgelord. they're pretty jammin so pick up a copy of this slab. links below. have fun!

enjoy the tunage

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Company Corvette - The Company Meeting

ok these guys are pretty awesome. especially the riffage. there's something strange about the vox but whatever they play awesome stoner so get this for sure. they have a more recent offering called 'end of summers' and i'll try to throw that up on here as well. i can say from listening to this album from start to finish its jammin.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bandito - II & EP

alright so i ran across these guys while doing something. which i dont remember. but either way these guys from holand know how its done! i'm going to include both their second effort and ep in one handsome little package for you people because i'm that nice. their ep is slightly more raw i'd say and almost at times does a shift on ya to more of a hardcore feel but its great. both albums are awesome from these guys for sure! so if you can catch them live they'd be killer to see for sure! a description i read was that they're like kyuss and they are, you can feel the intensity of their hard driving guitars. good stuff for sure, these guys did a good job!

El Camino - de nada

i came across these guys while sifting through the sludgelord's latest offerings. i'll put that blog on the list to the right here shortly so you guys can check his page out as well. i normally dont dig music with vox in any language other than english or german. maybe a little spanish with some madball but that's about it. these guys from spain have it pretty dialed in tho and are on their way to converting me. sorry italian and french lyrics are still way out of the question. but give these guys from el camino a listen on their bandcamp page because they obviously put some thought and work into their sound, and if you dig them there's a direct link there with multiple format options to download the album. so check them out!

bandcamp site where you can download this album

Stonehelm Self Titled 2010

ok it happened again, i was looking up something different on youtube and then these guys were in the suggested videos, but it was just a track off this album with the cover kind of thing but damn they play some diesel stoner! not a whole lot of vox so if you like bands like karma to burn and other instrumental kind of stoner bands you'll love these guys but they are faster than ktb and again do have vox. definitely give them a listen! you wont regret it! i thought 'towers of black' was a great track!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Electric Wizard - Dopethrone

ok so this is the heavinesses here people. probably not everyone's cup of tea but definitely gotta have some of the granddaddy's of stoner/sludge/doom if you wanna complete your collection. this is probably electric wizards best album, definitely not their only offering but i think their best. enjoy!

Eternal Elysium - Spiritualized D

wow, all i have to say is GOD DAMN! these boys from japan know how to do it! must have either learned from some swedish dudes or they are sweeds playing japanese because these guys rock out! alright enough swedish dick sucking, seriously japanese stoner is really good and i'll make a point to put more on here for sure! check this shit out tho! you wont be disappointed! i'm a malcontent and i was satisfied to the core!

Count Raven - Destruction of the Void

what can i say about count raven. well if you dig sabbath or pentagram you're probably going to love these guys. this is a really groovis album for sure! this wasn't the specific album my buddy was talking about when he told me the story of mangling the spine of a vinyl jacket with all the seeds from him breaking weed up on it so much, but i would imagine its in the same class.

feel the love

50th post

for my 50th post on this little project that's helped me to stay busy and out of some trouble i'll just post a little thank you to everyone that's put a little smile on my face when i see how much traffic i get every day. its fun to see the hits from different countries and what not. so thank you everyone for your support thus far. i intend on going as far as i can with this shit. currently rar'ing up a folder and will have it up on mediafire and then linked up here for you guys shortly. its a pretty killer album. crusty musty moldy oldy but a good one for sure. thanks again for the support and keep it comin!

No Made Sense - New Season/New Blues

so these guys are out of reading uk according to the sludgelord. i gave them a listen on bandcamp and have deemed them worthy of a spot on my blogenstein. they are a little more psych'ish than my tastes usually allow but they rock out pretty hard so i'll give them some space. give these guys a listen and if you're in the european theater look out for them. from what i can tell they'd be pretty groovis to see live.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Six Dead Horses - Horn Tusk Antler

i ran across these guys on the sludge lord's blog and thought they were pretty good. the vocals leave a little to be desired but who's perfect? this is stoner rock, you'll probably be listening to it under the influence of some substances anyways so who cares. dig it, its nice and heavy.

Graveyard - Self Titled

remember the 70's? no neither do i but i hear that some of the music was awesome and graveyard knows how awesome it was apparently because they do a spectacular job of serving up a heaping helping of great 70's nostalgia-rock. so grab this slab for sure. you'll dig it, man.

Sasquatch triple header

i give you......all three fantastic albums by the fantastic stoner band sasquatch that doesn't ever get to the east coast it seems. unless i'm out of town. if you get the chance to catch these guys do it for sure! they're diesel! in the mean time enjoy all three studio albums which are posted below.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Scissorfight - Mantrapping for Sport and Profit

so here's an album from the band scissorfight. that's about it really. i dont need to tell you they're awesome because that's all i'm putting up here is awesome shit so yea. their songs are kinda clever and entertaining. but yea. another stoner band for ya for sure. have fun.

feel the love

sHEAVY - Republic?

more sheavy, because they're a great stoner band. on a more pressing note, why does my mouth taste like cocaine? it was doing it last night and its doing it again this morning. my mouth tastes like chemicals, specially that chemical kind of taste you get from cocaine. but i haven't done any in a while so i dont get how that's possible. anyway, get this slab because it truly is a gem to have i your collection!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Company Band - Sign Here, Here and Here

if you dig clutch, fireball ministry, cky, puny human or fu manchu you'll love this band because it contains members of each of those bands. this ep from the company band is one of the most fantastic things your ear holes will ever have inserted into them!

feel the love

500 ft of Pipe - Dope Deal

i cannot believe i havn't posted these guys before now. one of my favorite bands and one of my favorite albums of all time! this is what stoner rock is all about! these guys know how to rock the house for sure! get yourself a copy of this album now! you wont regret it!

feel the love

Irish Sludge Weed Priest

so i ran across these guys on the sludgelord's blog while again looking for something else. always seems i find something great when i'm not looking for it at all. anyway these guys are some mega heavy sludge outta the old country so check them out for sure. most likely wont be seeing them live any time soon but hey ya never know. i threw together a bunch of files from their reverbnation page so you can grab that below and i'll include their reverb page as well just incase you wanted it as well. either way, enjoy.

ps. sorry the bit rate isn't the best, its what i got off their site to work with so yea, its not horrible, i can think of like a couple audiophiles that would lose their minds over it but oh well.

Gomer Pyle EP

this is definitely a great album to pick up from gomer pyle. they definitely crank out some great stoner. check out their other offerings as well. you wont be disappointed!

feel the love

Engineer - The Dregs

some mayhem for your monday morning enjoyment. if you like 'hardcore' you'll like this for sure. not much more you can say about it. its loud and fast and i wanna thank angrierchairs for the recommendation.

sHEAVY - The Golden Age of Daredevils

another great album by sHEAVY. this one was put out just before the departure of one of their guitarists and just before their latest album, disfigurine, was to be recorded. there are several classic tracks on this album for sure. some of my favorites include 'the black tower' and 'the orphaned sky'. so check this one out for sure!

feel the love

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Low of the Low - Land of Lincoln

ok so check it out. this is some pretty awesome stoner rock put out on soda shop records. the download is free so eat it up because it's one that definitely wont be taken down. (i'm waiting for small stone or someone to come at me about this blog like they have for all the other ones) so enjoy this stuff while its free because the train wont go on forever. sorry for the crappy review, i'm tired and its been a long day. plus i've posted a ton for you guys today/yesterday so eat a bag!

sHEAVY - Celestial Hi Fi

after you grab this album you should go out and pick up the rest of the body of sHEAVY's work because they're definitely brilliant! i'll be posting more of these guys for sure but you wont be let down by this slab by a long shot! the track 'persona' off this record is one of my personal favorite tunes of all time! its got such great substance! check it out, now!

Freedom Hawk - Freedom Hawk

freedom hawk are basically like required listening for any self respecting stoner fan for sure. they do hard driving stoner rock so very well. at times some of their riffage will almost remind you a bit of cky. but if you dont like cky you'll still love these guys for sure. i promise you wont be disappointed by this album at all.

feel the love

Sleestak - Skylon Express

i ran across these guys while on the hunt for another album by a different band but i gave these guys a listen and was pleasantly surprised. they're recently put out a new album which is getting good reviews thus far. so they've decided to give their last album away for free through their site. so visit it if you'd like i already included the link below for a direct download rather than going through the motions yourselves but if you'd like to find out more about them and maybe catch them live visit their blog. the address is included below.

feel the love

Sunn O))) - The Void

get your drone on with this classic slab from drone masters sunn o))). picked up this one from stonerobixxx hence it'll have their password on it which is below with the link. to quote that site 'this isn't an album you put on to sing a long to, tap your toes to or do anything for that matter' which its not, this isnt for the fair weather stoner fans at all. but if you need some good drone in your life this is one of the best to pick up for sure!

good for

feel the love
password: robixxx

new header art work

a big thanks to my good buddy mr rew for submitting the art work that was the basis for the new header. i simply took it into photoshop and did a warped text around the shell looking object to make it official. so thanks again rewster!

Spiderlord EP

these guys came to my attention as i was actually searching for another band and made my way through another blog called the soda shop, a great stop for stoner/doom/sludge and the like btw. spiderlord knows how to pull off super heavy stoner for sure! definitely grab yourself a copy of this great ep and let the sleepy riffage take ya away! great stuff for sure!

Hydromedusa - Hydromedusa

so these guys came across my transom thanks to the great stonerobixxx. seems to me to be a pretty awesome almost what i'd clasify to be stoner-core out of australia. they definitely have their own sound and style but with some classic stoner riffage thrown in for good measure. so definitely check them out. you'll dig them for sure!

Colour Haze - Colour Haze (2004)

again another slab for your earth ship's next trip out into the chemical universe. or just throw it on one day when you need some enjoyable background music because its definitely a relax and hang out kinda record for sure. enjoy!

feel the love

Confused Little Girl - Southern Gentlemen

i ran across these guys a couple years ago and i honestly was blown away by the great mix they were able to achieve of 'southern rock', stoner and some high energy bar rock. if you can get on board with what i'm sayin. just grab a copy and check these guys out because they definitely do a rockin job!

Acid King III

here's a great album from one of the long time fixtures of the stoner club, acid king. definitely load this one up the next time you plan on taking your earth ship for a little trip. definitely a fantastic slab for sure! enjoy!

feel the love

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dopethrone - Dark Foil (2011)

all i have to say is you gotta check out these guys, like now! i enjoyed the riffage very very very much. the vox aren't exactly my thing but i wont dismiss the band just for one thing i dont exactly enjoy 100%. i know some people will absolutely love the vox. again the riffage alone is worth grabbing this slab. all i have to say is wow! talk about doom. wowwee! you'll love this for sure if you're into anything stoner or doom.

feel the love

Fu Manchu - California Crossing

so this ones outta order a little bit of you're going in chronological order with the other fu manchu album that i had posted titled 'sign of infinite power', which btw is yet again another awesome edition to fu manchu's collection, however, this album is a great edition to anyone's stoner catalogue. unfortunately this copy i've made available doesn't have the track 'planet of the ape hangers' which was off the japanese release only. i'll try to get that for you guys and throw that up as an edition to this post asap. just gives you guys more reason to come back! which you should be doing a lot anyway.

137 - Product of the Environment

ok so i didn't have to go through a whole lot to get this album for you guys but still it was more than the usual so i hope its enjoyed. these guys are pretty awesome in my opinion, very heavy, very down tuned, very groovis! this was a slab they put out in 2001 and have since released another, which is good but not as good in my opinion. but either way check these guys out, they're also on myspace and reverbnation so get some info on them and see them live if they're in your area ever because i'm sure they'd put on a heavy ass show!