Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Shock Radar - Generator EP

so i have to apologize to Lee from Shock Radar for taking forever and a day to post his band's stuff. he was good enough to send me an email so i gave them a listen and i think its pretty groovis stuff. you get hit with like vox that are make you think chris cornell jumped on the track and then some of the vox reminds me of the singer of the french stoner band mars red sky while all the time being hit with great drums and guitars that just keep driving the music along. great job guys. check them out on bandcamp and throw them a few sheckels, or go see them and grab my link below that.

Tuco Ramirez 2 track tuesday

so i think they found this somewhere, not really 'official' album art as far as i can tell but hey whatever, its on their bandcamp site so dig it i guess.

so these guys are pretty jammin. one of the guitarists actually played in a band called curse the son which i had previously reviewed on this blog. check out that offering (link in the name). but these guys are a little different. check them out. i think they're pretty jammin. you can download both tracks they have posted on bandcamp. (because i'm too lazy to do it for you)

Earthride - Earthride

not new but i was listening to their self titled track from their self titled album and figured i'd share the heavinessess. so definitely pick it up if you dont have it. they where fun to see on new years in philly at the clutch show for sure. so enjoy and have a good one.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Stubb - Stubb

so this was a band that my good buddy the rewster sent my way. Stubb is a band from the UK on Superhot Records. this band knows how to throw down some serious fuzz-tastic-awesomeness! i listen to lots of music on almost a daily basis, and this band was one of the first in a long while that really blew my hair back. these guy's have figured out the great formula, and best of all this album is available on bandcamp, as a name your price album. so i'll put the link for the bandcamp, which you could throw them some bones if you can afford it. i'm also going to include a link to my mediafire account so you can grab it from there as well. either way grab your shovels because i promise you're going to dig it!!!!!! again if you can help these guys and all the bands on this blog please do so, especially if you can see them live, because who doesn't love a good live show!? alright enjoy and stay tuned for more stuff from the rewster that'll be up shortly. and header art will be changed out shortly as well. or when i get around to it.

thanks kids.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

alright so this is going to be short again because i'm even more tired than the bronson post. so anyway yea these guys kick ass. yeolstinky pinky eye sent me this bastard. his secret weapon was to give you pink eye and wait for that bitch to sting like a bastard. but anyway dig this one, its my links. so anyway, have fun, these guys kick dicks in and then take your name just to add insult to injury. oh we..

Bronson - For Every Action, There's a Jackson

ok so check it out here kidieos. i have been lookin for this album for some time, of course i couldn't find it and the site that it was on, the swamp, god rest their souls. however some of those peoples apparently follow my blog and i really appreciate it. i also have to credit my buddy the rewster because he actually grabbed this off soulseek this past thursday night but i've just been way way way too lazy to get on here and actually post something. so you both get credit yeoldstinkeye and mr rewster. thanks to both of you and everyone else who pitched in. there will be more music coming with reviews album art, whatever.

alright i'm tired so that's all probably mangled.

have a good one people.

hey there fellers and ladies.

stay tuned for sure because i've got a bunch of stuff that i'm going to get off my lazy butt and post. so the awesome heavinessessessess tunage is comin shortly. thanks in advance for checkin out my little blog. i'm tryin my best every day to bring you guys worth while.

thanks again!

~mr mcmayhem

Monday, March 5, 2012

ok, what the fuck ever.

so apparently the label, i'm assuming the label because i dont wanna go off and say the dude's in tracer are jerks but apparently they didnt like me getting their music out to a shit ton of people, all over the fucking world. so feel free to launch some nasty emails at Tracer's label and ask them why they dont want their band's music to be heard. we all know that bands dont make shit from album sales its touring and myself and my friends and i'm sure everyone that hits up this blog and others is a big supporter whenever they can however they can. so whatever.

thanks for fucking off in advance tracer's label,

-middle management