Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sufferghost ~ Thaw

Being a Curse the Son and Tuco Ramirez fan, see older reviews of their stuff and a links below, ps they put out a new album that rocks harder than fuck. But being a Curse the Son fan I was really stoked when I ran across this bandcamp page for a band that Ron from CTS was in previously called Sufferghost.

I hadn't heard of them so I said to myself I need to check this out. 

Its almost like a lost CTS album but certainly has its own personal features, and I think it was before the spider stole the weed. I'll make this short, if you like fuzzed out guitars at a reasonable speed, then you'll dig this. The vocals styling is a bit different but its great, its neither abrasive or offensive, which lets be honest can be a real deal breaker in the stoner/doom realm, for me anyway. Definitely give these guys a spin, check out Isolator from Curse the Son, its a monster and i'll do a proper review some time. But for now enjoy this record and enjoy the holiday.