Friday, April 13, 2012

Bushfire - Black Ash Sunday 2010

ok ladies and germs and other kinds of humanoids. this album, like the previous post, is not new. but this album rocks so so so so good! this one was kinda like Supershine, the rewster was playing it one day at work and i was like huh i gotta check these guys out and sure enough this album rocks the mother lovin house!!!!!! so definitely pick up a copy of this and of course support all the bands i post here because its a business and how a lot of these guys make a living for their families, so hook them up with a few bones whenever you can!

ps, remember guys, if you run across any broken links, let me know and i'll do my damnedest to get it back up and running. so help me help you and we'll all make the internet a better place. just send a little quick email with the page url and i'll take it from there, just ctrl+c and then ctrl+v that botch into an email, doesn't even have to have a subject line, and shoot that mother trucker my way and like i said i'll do what i can to fix it. alrighty? alrighty. have a good one guys!

oh also, if you live around the shit state of new jersey, go to atlantic city tomorrow night and see clutch with the rewster, his son, and myself! its going to be so diesel, i'm not sure if i'll survive the anticipation and excitement!

Supershine self titled 2005

so this isn't new, obviously because it says 2005 just above in the title. but it is a jammin album that you should add to your collection. definitely a great album, nice and stonerish/desert rock laced with some heavier grooves! so good, i promise it wont disappoint.

Clutch! Tommorow! The Rewster, His Son Kevin, and of course, glorious ME!!!!

so the mayhem and rewster show is going on the road again, this time we're hitting up the house of blues in atlantic city, new jersey! if you get the chance get some tickets, now! and come up to the show! if you end up going, comment on this post and we'll figure out a way to find each other and say hello. i really dig meeting new people! and if you aren't going, which is lame and there's no excuse for that, i'll have lots of pictures and videos to post, my personal facespace page will have pretty much live updates, which means lots of pictures and videos of the chaos crew all mangled and having a blast! so stay tuned to my facebook and this awesomeness that is my blog. its going to be so much fucking fun! i'm so stoked and excited!

also, as a side bar, i'm about to post some Bushfire and some Supershine. neither album is new but they both rock so good, both bands have mastered the stone groove and heavinessesesses. so check them out when i post them!



Monday, April 9, 2012

Sweat Lodge self titled

so yeoldstinkeye posted this over at a distant rumble, which if you haven't checked them out go, links in the name, they know what their talking about over there. but yea sweat lodge's self titled ep was posted up and i gave it a listen, can't hurt right, na. and i was like this is pretty jammin nice slower kinda riffage, bluesier i guess you could say. but then the last track (tokens for hell) just blew doors for so many reasons, just a fantastic track, with great work all around. so great job guys, check out their bandcamp and you can listen to it and get a copy for free, which is hard to come by these days.

also a note about dead links, please take 2 seconds to send an email with just the page link of my blog if a link is dead, i'll fix it if i can. or i'll put it on my list of shit to do. but anyway check these guys out they're good, unwashed, fun!

side bar real quick

thanks for the comments and emails and everything btw people. i really appreciate it. keep sending me stuff for sure. so thanks again and enjoy all the internet has to offer while it lasts because its quickly going away.

again thanks!

Ufesas 2011 self titled

correct album art will be up shortly, blogger is having a bad day or something

a little south of the well equator stoner from the rewster this time around. he brought this to my attention and it's been in regular play ever since because its awesome. he did bring up the one draw back about this great band from Uruguay, this album is too damn short! so these guys need to keep up the great work because i'd love to see more from them. definitely pick up a copy and, well see them, unfortunately if dozer can't get a lift to the east coast of the US then i'm thinkin these guys aren't comin to my local dive, but hey crazier things have happened. alright check it out and enjoy the awesome stone groove these guys lay out for ya!

Mustasch - Sounds Like Hell, Looks Like Heaven

so for their release from back in february of this foul year of lord 2012 i have a huge thumbs up for the guys of Mustasch! they put in some serious work and have cranked up the heavy metal knob for sure. not that the rest of their catalogue is bad by any means, its just that this one is definitely a great edition, sorry i was so late getting it posted. so anyway, check it out and check them out if you're lucky enough to live in sweden, denmark or the areas they tour because we aren't seeing these guys on the east coast of the US for a while.