Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mars Red Sky Self Titled

so i ran across these guys on another blog and they are fuckin awesome! check them out for sure!

Mother of God

these guys are fuckin awesome! stoner band from sweden, of course they're going to be great. check out their reverbnation page below. they have some pretty diesel videos and some free tunage you can snag.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

clutch new years show update!

so another little gem from my buddy the rewster. i was lookin for the flyer for this show that we're goin to on new years and he got it to me before i could find it. besides finding this great poster their has been an update in the personel for this show. it seems that the mighty earthride has been added to get the doom levels up a bit. so its now kyng, COC, Earthride and CLUTCH! i cannot wait for this show! its going to be so diesel! look for lots of photos and videos of this one. hopefully we wont get too mangled and we'll make it home in one piece. stay tuned for updates boys and girls.

Plastic Villains - Whoever You Are Today

so my buddy mr rewster sent me the bandcamp link for these guys and i was pretty impressed. when he said they where 'bluesy psych' and i'd have to agree with that. definitely some great chill 'blues/stoner rock' if you dig the black keys' earlier stuff you'll like these guys. i enjoyed listening to this album for sure!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Madam Trashy - Book of Dead

so i ran across these guys on another blog, the sludgelord, and i was really pleased with what i heard when i visited their bandcamp page. the genre that they've been described as following is prog/grunge/stoner. which they do incorporate some items from each of these genres but don't be fooled, they're 'stoner' to the core. and what a nice hard-core it is. ha and ha. anyway, check these guys out at the link below. its to their bandcamp page and you can download this fine album for free or throw them a few bucks if you've got some scratch to throw these brooklyn ny rockers. you wont be disappointed either way, i promise.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stoner Train

here's a fun stoner band from russia. they have two albums available on bandcamp for download. its pretty crazy how 'southern rock' has spread to every latitude in the world. hey whatever works. but yea these guys are pretty cool. and interesting. not the same old same old.

Clutch/COC/Kyng 12-31-2011

i cannot wait for this show! its a definite, tickets are purchased and i'm ready to head up to the troc right now and hang around for 21 days until the show starts! if i find a show poster i'll throw it up here for sure. if you're in the philly area and can make it to the trocadero for this new years eve show you definitely should, its going to rock the casbah.

Friday, December 9, 2011

workin stiff

hey i just wanted to update you guys real fast, i got my job back at the design factory(3d mechanical design part of a mechanical contractor i was workin for) but this doesn't mean we can't be friends still. my time will just be like our wedlock child that we split up like a possession after we split up. i'll get the week days because i'm more responsible than you guys and you can have me on the weekends and maybe some nights. the courts said to be civil so i wont tell you how much i hate you guys and how much my new life thinks you're an idiot and we talk about how much of a good guy you are all the time but how you're an irresponsible drug addict and we shouldn't trust you and that's why we split up in the first place. lol, oh where was i, oh, but i do have presents that i'll give you guys like a child in a broken home gets to win your love, actually got some loaded up now just need to post them. alright, i actually really appreciate all the traffic and support you guys throw my way. hit up my email if you've got anything for me. thanks in advance!


mr mcmayhem, and his time which has become both our redheaded step child.