Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wet Cactus - S/T EP

On a random trip through the google searches for 'dessert rock', yes not desert but dessert, because i'm an idiot, i stumble upon these guys. However lets think about what dessert rock would be like, 1000lb cake, blunt cake, special brownies, etc etc.

So anyway, I'm at the office workin away, new job btw and it fuckin rules, but i'm jammin away on some brant bjork because i've been on a kick for a while. Haven't been doing a lot of digging since i've been busy with stuff, and stuff.

But i came across this rawkus of an ep and although its short this thundering beast certainly will keep your kyuss-esc space trip at a rhythmic pace that pumps so relentlessly that the album will be over before you realize, or desire. two, three listens may satisfy your jones, i dunno.

as far as bands hailing from Spain, this is certainly a first i think for the hoof. its difficult for me to get into some scenes. it may be time to take another look after this one. we dont need to drag this out any further, check these guys out on the bandcamp and facebook and whatever else they're on. if you're in that area and you're reading my blog than hello first off and second make sure you get these guys some bucks for their hard work and crafting. check em out!


Wet Cactus Bandcamp