Sunday, September 18, 2011

Svolk - Svolk

so this isnt new, i just kinda was thinking of the first track on this album and i wanted to post it because i think it's jammin if you ask me!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bear Brawler - Tales From the Putrid Swamp

found these guys on the blog a distant rumble, i'm diggin this for sure. the vox are a kinda scratchy deal and the instrumentals are just ear-gasmic! oh also, they're french! so good goin you guys! pickin up some steam on the swedes for sure. pick up a copy of this because this bear isn't in the pooh kind.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Wooly Mammoth - Ten Ton Baby

another album that isn't new, however its worth posting so there's a place that people can obtain it. i may post wooly mammoth's full length if i get around to it. for now however, this will keep you busy for a bit.

Mother Mars - Take the Ride

you dont even have to buy the fuckin ticket to take the ride with mother mars, they'll spring for your part! this album is 'pay what you want' on their bandcamp site so if you dig these guys and have a few extra bucks to spare try to help them out. they're pretty jammin if you ask me. this album is from like 4 years ago but it seems they are working on new stuff so stay tuned. i like this album for sure. its got groovis writen all over it. its scratched into the hood of that car, you just can't see it at this resolution.

Orchid - Capricorn

i ran across these guys on another blog and i thought they were jammin as soon as i threw them on to give them a listen. i dig the riffage groove a little more than the vox but the vox grew on me and kinda reminds me of say freedom hawk or maybe a hint of sHEAVY. they definitely are in the same vein as sabbath which you can never go wrong with any band that follows that ideal. so check them out. and as always, please support all the bands i post up here! they give us great tunage, lets help them quit their day jobs :)

fixed, on 4shared, and if that doesn't work i'm backing up all my stuff and will host elsewhere.


Iron Maiden

ok so this post is going to be a little different. there are several great maiden albums and since i tracked down a site that already has them up on mediafire i'm just going to recommend some and then put their link in this post so if one of your favs isn't in my recommendations we're all set and good to go. this site i'm going to throw out has them all with track listings. its a good one to book mark for future reference.

so there are a shit ton of die hard maiden fans around the world, literally in every corner. i dig their music for sure, but i cannot claim to be one of those guys that can sing every song and knows all the tracks on the albums and all of the band members favorite soccer teams and hobbies and what not. i can name them all and know some interesting facts and like i stated above, do dig a lot of their music. maiden has a unique style that really hasn't changed to sell records or please anyone. they know they have loving fans and they aim to please those fans, not be lady mother lovin gaga. which if you dig her, whatever, its your thing, not mine. to each their own.

so here are some great albums that i think everyone should have a copy of. there are some track repeats, sorry i didn't compose them, send all complaints to steve harris of iron maiden and i'm sure he'll get right back to ya.

as always, support all the bands i post here as much as you can, dig their music and go see them, they'll love you forever because there's nothing like being on stage and seeing a place packed to the gills just to see your dumb face do something all humans can if they try, so it is really appreciated i promise you that. or buy a shirt. or whatever. do what you can.

also if you want a best of recommendation, i'd say 'somwhere back in time' is a great 80's look at maiden, although it lacks some of my favorites, so if you want a double disc with the essentials, check out the 'best of the beast' it'll get your toes tappin!

one final thing, they have this great documentary called 'flight 666' catch it ondemand or on tv or whatever. hey maybe go buy it! there ya go. it will please the most fair weather maiden fans for sure!

enjoy ladies and gentlemen.

wow, 6 days without posting

alright i promise to get off my lazy ass and get to this shit! i'm working on some diesel ass header art as we speak! secured a lovely model and ran some ideas past her for some pretty riscque stuff and she's uber down, gotta love this chick! and you will, because she's a total bomb shell :) so stay tuned for sure, i'm testing some tracks out now, i may through up some maiden shortly because i've been having them for all 3 squares here the past few days. so maybe i'll throw up like the somewhere back in time album, good mix of the good 80's maiden. alright you human disease factories, talk to ya soon!

ps, i saw apollo 18 and contagion and both were good. contagion, however, was great!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Abraham's Meat Plow - Appalachian Armageddon

so this is a little request fill for my boy brandon. so i hope you dig it bro! saw these guys in salisbury a couple years ago and they rocked the mother lovin house! so definitely check them out. they're a little outta the stoner vein, they're like stonercore kinda. i think they're good anyway.

Alix - Ground EP

i'm not sure how i forgot about this band but i'm ashamed to say i did :( but again this goes back to the witch mountain rant about chick fronted bands, this is another great one. take a listen at this 4 track ep and you'll be convinced.

Daredevil - Four on the Floor

this isn't anything new but i figured it deserved a posting because it is some pretty gnarly stoner/desert rock from this aussie band. so enjoy this four track fun machine.

Dope Flood - A Planet on Four Legs

so these guys are about in the same vein as the band 'planet of zeus' that i had posted a little while ago. do they deserve to take the top post away from blackthroat? nah. but they are good and gotta stay on the cutting edge i guess. so enjoy this. its got some really cool elements. some sweet guitar shredage and some almost scott weiland sounding vox. pretty good shit honestly.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Blackthroat - Suffer Your Own

wow, if you're fortunate enough to be witnessing this posting then you need to download this album immediately and hold onto it and treasure it for ever because its a bitch to find if you lose it! get ready to have your fucking face rocked off with riffage vibrations, killer vox and stoner-tastic-ness that will leave you so infused with thc that you'll never pass a piss test ever again! these guys where one of the best bands i've ever seen live! its a real shame they aren't playing anymore. but we can still all listen. so fucking do it!

Top Dead Celebrity - Midwestern Rube

this band is interesting. they're really good when it comes to the hard driving guitars department, and kinda take an approach to vox in almost a bit of a hardcore vein. it makes for interesting toe tapping music for sure. i could see this being the soundtrack to a bar room brawl. so enjoy responsibly.

Lo-Pan - Salvador

another album that isn't new but this band of stoners on small stone records is really jammin. pick up this offering from these guys for sure and be sure to see them in philly during the small stone showcase sept 23-24. its gonna rock! i'll post that info here soon. but get your hands on this its diesel. they put the hi(high) in ohio. whacka whacka get it.

Witch Mountain - South of Salem

so i ran across this band on 'a distance rumbling' i think. either way this lady fronted stoner/metal band is pretty good if you ask me. i usually cannot stand chick singers, i think they're over rated and just annoy me because most of the time its like 'oh hey this band's good because the singer has a vag and is a hot metal chick.' but in reality they're horrible, example of a band who has perfected this, kitty, i can't stand those metal whores. but this band is good. so give them a spin for sure.

Artimus Pyledriver (self titled 2006)

again an album that isn't new but should be in anyone's collection. also not sure why this wasn't posted before now. but hey its linked up here now so stop your belly aching! and of course, enjoy this awesomeness!

ps the art above isn't for this album but it is from an earlier album of theirs that has some similar tracks and really who cares? i just like this album art more. deal with it.

grab your shovel!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clutch - Clutch

nothing can be said about this album besides that its a master piece of stoner rock history and should be flying through deep space for aliens to find so they can also enjoy it. this isn't a new album which an assload of the posting i throw on here are, this one's on here because its a must have and i'm not sure why it didn't get put on here before now. either way enjoy!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SpartaKiev (self titled ep)

picked up this offering from some stoner rockers outta amsterdam from the sludgelord. this four piece knows how to get the riffage out there for sure! they use hard driving guitars and strong vox in the same vein as kyuss and fu manchu, so definitely give them a listen. i've posted the bandcamp link for the download below. the album is pay what you want so if you want to contribute some fundage to these guys search them out on bandcamp and throw them a couple euros for their work. if not, again, the link's below. so like it says, grab your shovels cause you're gonna dig this shit!

little help? anyone else notice that this link was dead. apparently not. so i rebuilt it, better faster stronger. it now goes to a mediafire link rather than a dead bandcamp download.