Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mars Red Sky Self Titled

so i ran across these guys on another blog and they are fuckin awesome! check them out for sure!

Mother of God

these guys are fuckin awesome! stoner band from sweden, of course they're going to be great. check out their reverbnation page below. they have some pretty diesel videos and some free tunage you can snag.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

clutch new years show update!

so another little gem from my buddy the rewster. i was lookin for the flyer for this show that we're goin to on new years and he got it to me before i could find it. besides finding this great poster their has been an update in the personel for this show. it seems that the mighty earthride has been added to get the doom levels up a bit. so its now kyng, COC, Earthride and CLUTCH! i cannot wait for this show! its going to be so diesel! look for lots of photos and videos of this one. hopefully we wont get too mangled and we'll make it home in one piece. stay tuned for updates boys and girls.

Plastic Villains - Whoever You Are Today

so my buddy mr rewster sent me the bandcamp link for these guys and i was pretty impressed. when he said they where 'bluesy psych' and i'd have to agree with that. definitely some great chill 'blues/stoner rock' if you dig the black keys' earlier stuff you'll like these guys. i enjoyed listening to this album for sure!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Madam Trashy - Book of Dead

so i ran across these guys on another blog, the sludgelord, and i was really pleased with what i heard when i visited their bandcamp page. the genre that they've been described as following is prog/grunge/stoner. which they do incorporate some items from each of these genres but don't be fooled, they're 'stoner' to the core. and what a nice hard-core it is. ha and ha. anyway, check these guys out at the link below. its to their bandcamp page and you can download this fine album for free or throw them a few bucks if you've got some scratch to throw these brooklyn ny rockers. you wont be disappointed either way, i promise.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stoner Train

here's a fun stoner band from russia. they have two albums available on bandcamp for download. its pretty crazy how 'southern rock' has spread to every latitude in the world. hey whatever works. but yea these guys are pretty cool. and interesting. not the same old same old.

Clutch/COC/Kyng 12-31-2011

i cannot wait for this show! its a definite, tickets are purchased and i'm ready to head up to the troc right now and hang around for 21 days until the show starts! if i find a show poster i'll throw it up here for sure. if you're in the philly area and can make it to the trocadero for this new years eve show you definitely should, its going to rock the casbah.

Friday, December 9, 2011

workin stiff

hey i just wanted to update you guys real fast, i got my job back at the design factory(3d mechanical design part of a mechanical contractor i was workin for) but this doesn't mean we can't be friends still. my time will just be like our wedlock child that we split up like a possession after we split up. i'll get the week days because i'm more responsible than you guys and you can have me on the weekends and maybe some nights. the courts said to be civil so i wont tell you how much i hate you guys and how much my new life thinks you're an idiot and we talk about how much of a good guy you are all the time but how you're an irresponsible drug addict and we shouldn't trust you and that's why we split up in the first place. lol, oh where was i, oh, but i do have presents that i'll give you guys like a child in a broken home gets to win your love, actually got some loaded up now just need to post them. alright, i actually really appreciate all the traffic and support you guys throw my way. hit up my email if you've got anything for me. thanks in advance!


mr mcmayhem, and his time which has become both our redheaded step child.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Christpunchers - Psalms for a New Dark Age

so i ran across these guys on stonerobixxx and after listening to their latest release, pslams for a new dark age, i was pretty impressed. this stuff is a little more spacey than the usual stuff i post but its pretty heavy and awesome. no vox per say other than some sound fx. but definitely some great tunage to hot box something to :) i'll include several links below including their site, their bandcamp as well as a mediafire link so you can snag this 2011 release from these guys. hope you all enjoy!

bandcamp site (more releases available on their bandcamp page. haven't listened to them myself so check them out at your own risk)

Monday, November 28, 2011

holy shit batman! killer show!

hell yes i'm going to this shit! boy sets fire are a rare thing to see these days and they fucking rock the casba! backwoods payback will also kick dicks inside out and all else failed, come on its all else failed, thats face punchin music and i'm all out of bubble gum because it gets stuck to my shoe and i hate it!

Karma Twin

so i was just doing some digging and came up with these guys outta belfast. i've only been able to scratch up their reverbnation page thus far but from what i've heard i think they're pretty jammin and i'd love to have a demo or an ep or something from these guys for stand alone listening so i'm going to work on that. for now check them out!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Temple of Smoke - ...Against Human Race

so i ran across these guys on doomantia, or rather saw their was an interview with them and then sought them out, i didn't read the interview but you can if you want. i found some tunage by them on soundcloud if you wanna check that out the link is below. i think they're pretty groovis. a little different, they're like the stoner equivalent of rush. anyway, check them out.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mountains of Blow - Connoisseur II

so these guys have come around before and i wasn't super into their release 'connoiseur', and i'm not sure why, i'm actually listening to it now after listening to the album above and its just less polished i guess, but not even that, these guys have gone in a way better psych direction and have really refined their groove-craft with this latest installment.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Fu Manchu - King of the Road

because i've been listening to this one and in search of solid since i saw them, and have almost been convinced that the two albums are as good as the single from infinite power, i'll throw up king of the road because it is some awesome jams. also i was playing some tony hawk pro skater 2 and evil eye is on that game, although it isn't on this album i figured that was maybe a relevant thing to say. either way its my blog so i dont care if its pertinent or not.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A little somethin i found on youtube

so i found this little snippet from the fu manchu show i went to the other night at the note in west chester pa. apparently someone was filming from the balcony. so here it is. its fu playing boogie van. you can actually see me behind the guy in the white long sleeve shirt like almost in front of brad davis' monitor. enjoy.

you can also make out my buddy the rewster as well. although he's a bit shorter than me and kinda fades outta frame but you can see him if you look hard enough and know who to look for. i have a bunch of shows that are comin up that i really wanna hit up so expect more fun times being posted. next up could very well be clutch and coc on new years in new york. rewster and i already decided that was happening so yea. should be a blast!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thorun - Chorus of Giants EP

so this polish instrumental riffage wreching shop have put out another album. their first was pretty good and i recall listening to it earlier this year. they're a little heavier and slower than your usual stoner rock but not as slow and drony as your standard sludge. i'm digging their new album. you can listen to it at bandcamp and i'll include links to both of their albums below. i definitely thank they have matured and evolved a little since their record reprise was released last year. either way have fun with it and have a good one!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Backwoods Payback/Fu Manchu Show 11-16-11 Photos

Backwoods Payback - Momantha 2011

so i need to post the photos from the show last night but these guys where so kick ass live! i can't wait until the january 8th show to see them at mojo on main (east end) in newark de! this album isn't like brand new but it is from this year and does kick some serious ass, like i explained their live show does. so definitely check them out and you'll too enjoy the awesomeness. oh also i did get a photo with their bass player! who is in my opinion one of the best looking ladies in stoner rock! so definitely check this album and out and their other offerings, and definitely catch their live show! they're local for me so i get to see them more often than others but definitely support all the bands posted here!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday Nov. 16 2011 The Note

i'm so excited to be going to this show with my good buddy the rewster! its going to be the mayhem and rewster show and its going to be one hell of a time! if the vegas trip was any reflection of how we act in public together than this is going to be a howling good time! lol! i've included some info below if you're in the area and want to come. its super cheap and its going to be a killer time! plus you can hang out with me! and i know i'll be a barrel of fun that night! i guarantee!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Major Kong - Orogenesis

i figured i'd throw these guys up here because i'm diggin instrumental stuff today. it goes great as background sound. instrumental stoner/psych that is. these guys from poland have a nice heavy sound. they're sort of a side project involving members of the band fifty foot woman, which i'll post the link to their latest album below as well if ya want, but this 'side project' is apparently trying to gain some legs and throw together a full length. polish version of karma to burn? maybe?

1000Mods - Liquid Sleep/Blank Reality

wow, so yet another great recommendation from across the pond. i packaged the two albums offered by 1000Mods. these guys are yet another greek outfit that have crafted some serious masterpieces of stoner-riffic-ness. below i've included the link for the tunage as well as their myspace so if you need to drop them a line and tell them they rock or see when they're playing your town you can do so.

NightStalker - Superfreak 2009

see, the greek connection's paid off already! so this awesomeness comes direct from a recommendation by my new buddy Cris of Dope Flood. he says these guys are 'the biggest stoner band in greece' and i can see why they'd grab that title. because they're awesome. they throw some great riffage your way and lyrics almost reminiscent of say dave windorf of monster magnet, as well as some great driving guitars. so check them out. i've included an album link below as well as the band's site.

band site (check out the videos page on their site, pretty cool)

and as always, help any of these dudes whenever and wherever you can! i promise you they'll appreciate it!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Been Obscene - Night O'Mine

so i ran across these guys on another blog that i follow. its not exactly the usual bone crushing, teeth jarring riffage that i post on here but they are pretty diesel indeed! Been Obscene hail from germany and are a four piece. they have their own unique sound, but i had to liken it some another band i'd have to say they almost have the sometimes 'delicate' touch of Nebula but with some groovis riffage. but dont be mistaken by the 'delicate' comment. these guys know how to throw some awesome driving guitars out their and will get your toes tapping for sure. check them out at the links below and of course with all the bands i post please support them if you can, any way you can.

Screw the French Connection, I Got the Greek Connection!

and by that, i mean, this guy! (above) the gentleman you see (most likely shreading some awesome riffage) above, is a friendly guy by the name of Cris. He plays guitar for the greek band Dope Flood. (see history for linkage and get some awesomeness in your ear holes) Mr. Harison was gracious enough to fire off an email from across the pond and the other pond from his home land. he said if i needed anything to just ask. so i'm gonna see if we can't get some more of that diesel ass riffage that Dope Flood and their colleagues are pumping out. so if you read this Cris. (send me some awesomeness! lol) so again check them out and as always support these guys if you can catch them on the road, a lot of these guys tour to make their bread so be good to all of them because no one gets into music for the millions, because they usually aren't there.

alright, i'm tired and my eyes feel like they're falling out. later peoples. and also thanks for stopping by as always, always dig seeing people appreciate what i'm tryin to do.

ps, here's their myspace, check them out on their for shows and tunage, remember keep an eye on awesome bands like these guys, they'll come out with something slick and you'll be left out in the cold if you miss something awesome from them!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


tuesday morning groovis-ness. so i read about these guys on another blog and after a little search i ran across their bandcamp page where you can listen to and download some awesome tunage from these aussies. its your pretty much straight up driving guitars stoner/desert rock. definitely check them out. i'm really digging them.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Graveyard - Hisingen Blues

so i missed this one because i wasn't really scouring the universe for good music back in march when it was released. so sorry for missing it. but here it is now, another great album from graveyard. they're apparently making an american run after the first of the year so check them out for sure. probably one hell of a live show!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fallen Colossus 2011 Demo

i ran across these guys on another blog. now i'm not sure what to make of them. they're this crazy melding of what i can only describe as like nebula and dozer with some vox that almost sound like phil collins at some points. they're british so give them a break. also they're like this weird cocktail of stoner and prog that i can't really put my particular full seal on but hey i know some people will dig them. also their may be some queensryche in their as well. again this album is a fucking pendulum of styles. decide for yourselves.

here's their bandcamp, the digital album if free so grab it if you like what you hear.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ancient Astronaught - Pilot.... Chariot......

so these guys are actually sorta local to my area so i'll definitely keep an eye out if they decide to play around my locale. for now i have this awesome 5 track gem to put on repeat. these guys know how to throw down some 'heavier than shit' riffage and really do a great job at not making you bored or treating their music as background tunage. so enjoy them through the link below, they also have a bandcamp page so enjoy them their as well and of course if you can see them while they're on the road definitely do it!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lord of the Grave - Raunacht

so i ran across these guys on superjunkhead's blog, not for the faint of heart for sure. definitely a little more doomy than the usual posts here but very awesome heaviness. i'd put them in the same vein as electric wizard or dopethrone with almost kinda lower octive vox. i was diggin them tho so hopefully you will too.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Borracho - Splitting Sky

so as in the usual east coast stoner form these guys are fuckin rockin. this release was part of a duel vinyl release that came out at the beginning of this month from this crew from D.C. i definitely enjoyed and hope to see them live soon.

Friday, October 21, 2011

One Inch Giant - Malva

ran across this swedish group of stoners on another blog, pretty groovy stuff if you ask me. i'm listening to the whole album now but it looks to be a keeper for sure. the riffage is pretty diesel!

The Grand Astoria Self Titled

this is going on three years old almost but i figured it was worth a post. nothing really awesome has come past me as of late but i have been listening to lots of albums. so check these guys out. probably not for everyone but i dig a lot of their riffage. they have a newer album out that was released last year and one that came out this year as well so if you like these guys just search them out. unless i get an assload of hits on this page and then i'll see what i can do.

the 2011 release isn't my link so if it breaks let me know and i'll throw up a new one of my own.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brokaw - Interiors

so i'm a little upset that this album isn't out yet, about two months to go but this came across my transom and i had to throw it up. below is the link to the bandcamp site for brokaw, a pretty promising band from what i've heard outta seattle. i really dig the song 'berlin heart'. i think its pretty groovis anyways.

i'll try to update with the entire album asap or whenever i get around to it. thanks for all the traffic btw world. you guys are kickin the piss outta US visitors by a lot!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sedulus 2 albums in 1!

i ran across these guys on bandcamp and then saw that a blog i follow was digging them as well so i listened to the two studio albums they have to offer and i now too dig them, a lot! so i grabbed both their albums and made one rar file for you guys to enjoy. i believe between the two albums included there are 10 tracks and honestly it isn't enough! these guys know some serious riffage for sure. so check them out. i believe they're from london. i think. if you get the chance to see them of course support them however you can!

also, the two albums are called dogfight and the first one is called perseids. again, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Planet of Zeus - Eleven the Hard Way

so i saw this on another blog and got all excited because i thought that this band had put out another album so quickly because macho libre was a spectacular album. turns out, this album is about 5 years old now almost. so yea, not new but probably new to some people. i'm diggin it though. some hard driving fuzz riffage that's sure to please.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Unknown Hinson - The Future is Unknown

ok so this isn't new by a long shot but i was on youtube and superjail led to squidbillies which led me to thinking about unknown hinson. this dude is a musical fucking genius! his tunes are really a country western nature but they're so overbearing in their womanizing and abuse its so hilarious how good this guy can write a song and make you believe that he's whole hearted about his message, so definitely check out this album, i think the whole thing is jammin and really listen to it a few times to get all the lyrical easter eggs that really make it a great edition to anyone's collection. my buddy rewster saw him live and i really regret not going because he said that the show was amazing!

ps i had to change the link because the 2004 release is better in my opinion and includes songs not included on the earlier release.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Freedom Hawk - Holding On

i can't remember if i had listened to this or seen it someplace or what but i do recall the first track of this album being played live by freedom hawk in chicago at the double door. in all i kinda dig this album from freedom hawk a little more than their previous work, not that their previous work isn't good, it certainly is, this album is a little more directionalized you could almost say i guess. either way it rocks so get yourself a copy and as with all the bands i post please support them if you can! these guys live on the road pretty much and have lives and families to pay for.

Devil - Time to Repent

so i found these guys on angry chairs blog and was pretty happy with what i heard. the riffage is definitely jammin, the whole sound has sort of a rough edge to it. or thats the best way i can describe it anyway. so take a listen and decide for yourselves. i try to not post garbage on here so hopefully i'm keeping the faith. thanks for all the hits lately even though i haven't been able to find a lot to offer. i've seriously blown through about 2 dozen bands that i didn't like. although i do have another album i need to post.

ps the link isn't mine so if its broken or breaks hit up angrychairs.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Heavy Eyes EP

this was thrown up on a few other sites within the past few days, again i've been mega lazy and haven't been feeling well. but anyway, here ya go. these guys are from memphis tenn. and bring some pretty awesome 'blues' rock to the table for sure. if you like clutch you'll dig these guys, although they bring more of the wall of sound. if you could take clutch and pentagram and fuse them together you'd get the heavy eyes. i'm diggin it for sure. so be sure to support these guys wherever they travel.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Small Stone Chicago Live Streaming

exploding offer! so check it out now! you've got like t-minus 20 minutes from this post to get into this link for the start of the show. i'm sure you can come in late of course but if you wanna see the chicago small stone showcase. so check it out!

check it out here!

seriously check it out! i'm watching it now, backwoods payback was awesome, freedom hawk is playing now, gozu, lo-pan, suplecs and sasquatch are up next so you've got time to check this shit out! go now!!!!

all i have to say is wow! what a show and what a great thing for small stone to stream it for the rest of us who couldnt make it to chicago last night. definitely fantastic! i watched the entire thing and was jammin the whole time!

Curse the Son - Klonopain

so i'm a little late to the party with these guys but they jam and you should get a copy for sure. sorry this is gonna be a short one for sure because i'm feeling exceptionally lazy today. check out their bandcamp and live stuff if you can these guys are some seriously fun doom/stoner and know what heavy riffage means.

ps i like the play on words in the album name, you'll get a laugh if you get it as well.

hey, how's it goin

so my internet has been broken and i've just been generally lazy. but i'm gonna get right on some new albums that've come my way this evening and have something up for you peoples shortly. thanks for the mega spike in traffic today.

thanks for everything, i'll throw something up shortly i promise!

mr. mcmayhem

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Svolk - Svolk

so this isnt new, i just kinda was thinking of the first track on this album and i wanted to post it because i think it's jammin if you ask me!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bear Brawler - Tales From the Putrid Swamp

found these guys on the blog a distant rumble, i'm diggin this for sure. the vox are a kinda scratchy deal and the instrumentals are just ear-gasmic! oh also, they're french! so good goin you guys! pickin up some steam on the swedes for sure. pick up a copy of this because this bear isn't in the pooh kind.