Saturday, November 19, 2011

A little somethin i found on youtube

so i found this little snippet from the fu manchu show i went to the other night at the note in west chester pa. apparently someone was filming from the balcony. so here it is. its fu playing boogie van. you can actually see me behind the guy in the white long sleeve shirt like almost in front of brad davis' monitor. enjoy.

you can also make out my buddy the rewster as well. although he's a bit shorter than me and kinda fades outta frame but you can see him if you look hard enough and know who to look for. i have a bunch of shows that are comin up that i really wanna hit up so expect more fun times being posted. next up could very well be clutch and coc on new years in new york. rewster and i already decided that was happening so yea. should be a blast!

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