Friday, November 11, 2011

Screw the French Connection, I Got the Greek Connection!

and by that, i mean, this guy! (above) the gentleman you see (most likely shreading some awesome riffage) above, is a friendly guy by the name of Cris. He plays guitar for the greek band Dope Flood. (see history for linkage and get some awesomeness in your ear holes) Mr. Harison was gracious enough to fire off an email from across the pond and the other pond from his home land. he said if i needed anything to just ask. so i'm gonna see if we can't get some more of that diesel ass riffage that Dope Flood and their colleagues are pumping out. so if you read this Cris. (send me some awesomeness! lol) so again check them out and as always support these guys if you can catch them on the road, a lot of these guys tour to make their bread so be good to all of them because no one gets into music for the millions, because they usually aren't there.

alright, i'm tired and my eyes feel like they're falling out. later peoples. and also thanks for stopping by as always, always dig seeing people appreciate what i'm tryin to do.

ps, here's their myspace, check them out on their for shows and tunage, remember keep an eye on awesome bands like these guys, they'll come out with something slick and you'll be left out in the cold if you miss something awesome from them!

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